Open MRI – No Need to be Afraid of the “Tube“

Only a minority of people probably feel comfortable during MRI examinations. The very idea of being forced to go through MRI diagnostics induces anxiety in many people.

Above all, patients who suffer from claustrophobia – who are afraid of confined spaces – tend to develop severe panic attacks.

In these cases patients only accept necessary MRI examinations under strong sedation, most of them, however, reject or stop them prematurely. The same applies to obese patients.

In Witten our practice RUHRRADIOLOGIE is equipped with the world’s most powerful high field open MRI scanner. Our practice is one out of only two in Germany which use this high-tech equipment:

Hitachi OASIS™ with 1.2 Tesla highest field strength.

We will be happy to provide you with further details on the possibilities of our open MRI system. Please feel free to contact us.

Advantages of Open MRI

  • Comfortable patient table (width = 2,5 m) with sufficient space
  • The end of claustrophobia in MRI examination
  • 270° field of vision with a free view into the examination room
  • High load for obese patients
  • Mobile lateral work space of about 2 meters allowing for functional examinations
  • Possibility of interventional procedures: MRI-guided biopsies or pain management interventions
  • The 1.2 Tesla highest field strength provides outstanding image definition and quality in comparison to the commonly used open magnetic resonance scanners with a weaker magnetic field.