High Quality Treatment of our Patients

With kindness and concern

The centre of attention of our daily work is to maintain an atmosphere of a friendly and caring as well as an empathic and respectful treatment of our patients.

State-of-the-art Technology

In our practices you can expect the latest state-of-the-art technical equipment which enables us to make precise diagnoses with the help of high quality images. Starting with the world’s most powerful high field open MRI scanner (one of only two such installations in Germany), via noise-reduced high-tech MRI-scanners with the latest coil technology that offer patients the best possible comfort, to computer tomographs and digital radiography particularly low in radiation.


Our patients’ well-being and safety, especially with regards to contrast administration and radiation exposure, are given our highest priority.
All of the state-of-the-art contrast agents we employ in examinations are generally well tolerated. Dependent on the issue in question we can even do without any contrast medium. In case of an indicated administration of contrast medium we choose the lowest dosage (weight-adapted administration of the contrast agent).
Still, we seek not to be satisfied with what we’ve already achieved. Therefore, it’s our utmost ambition to reduce the already low radiation exposure by using stat-of-the-art technology. Modern magnetic resonance imaging doesn’t cause any radiation exposure, whereas dose reduction programs of our CT scanners make it possible to limit it to the minimum necessary.
Moreover, we meet the highest hygienic standards in accordance with our hygiene plan, the efficient and competent work of our specialised assistants for hygiene management and our constant internal as well as external further training.

Optimization of the Examination Process

We strive for maximum convenience for you: Therefore, we stick to a smooth and efficient workflow before and during the radiological examination.

Waiting Times

Our continuous quality management and ongoing optimization of appointment scheduling have enabled us to considerably shorten waiting times to the minimum necessary. Unfortunately, however, they are sometimes not avoidable. If needed, we can reschedule your appointment and find an alternative date for your examinations at one of our practices. Emergency examinations have a higher priority than elective ones.

Quality Management

In our practices of RUHRRADIOLOGIE our management constantly works on further improvement of the workflow and a convenient patient service as well as performing our work according to the latest standards. For this reason, we have established a professional quality management system in our practices. They were certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.